We have leveraged our extensive experience and expertise to develop a complete bolt-in "plug and play" conversion kit for the Land Rover Defender.

By equipping the original Defender with a powerful electric drivetrain and battery pack, we have brought this classic vehicle into the 21st century. This transformation maintains and enhances its performance both on and off-road.

The powerful motor directly drives the front and rear prop-shafts, providing permanent 4WD. The immense torque available from zero revs eliminates the need for low or high ratio, making off-road driving much easier with just two pedals.

The large battery pack offers a range of up to 170 miles*, and rapid charging allows you to get back on the road in under an hour.

The kit is suitable for both left and right-hand drive vehicles.

Optional extras include air conditioning.

Design & specification

  • Power: 330kW – single gear, custom gear ratio with ATB fitted
  • Fully bolt-in direct drive system supplied with balanced prop-shafts
  • Fully bolt-in battery pack: Options from 82kWh up to 110kWh – in sealed steel boxes plug and play ready with integrated BMS and cooling
  • Charging: 7kW AC with 150kW CCS DC – option for 21kW AC
  • Complete high voltage and low voltage wiring looms ready to plug and play
  • Custom dial set
  • Weight: Depends on options
  • Electronic parking Brake
  • 400V heating elements
  • 1500W DC/DC converter
  • iBooster, electric boosted braking system
  • Electric power steering pump
  • Optional extras: Traction control system, Electric air-conditioning pump and controller, Air Conditioning
* - Range varies depending on battery pack size, tyres, external accessories driving style and conditions. Tested up to 170 miles in a lightweight Defender 90 pick-up with 100kWh pack running efficient road tyres.

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