A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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What a weekend:-)
Härjedalen Expo was a blast....... and my voice is very tired! Both Friday and Saturday the TeZon was full steam ahead all the time. People had a blast checking it out and simply getting to know what the project is about...... and of course kids were always in and out of the car!!
I would like to thank Härjeåns/Fyrfasen for putting me up at the Expo and continuing to work with me and my family in supporting our way of living with Solar panels, electric cars and generally trying to be as carbon neutral as possible:-)
Lastly WOW, I was supper touched to have Bernt Nathanaelsson drop by almost three years after donating his Amazon combi that he kept in a heated garage since the 90’s and check out the progress in person........ I must say I was worried about what he will think of me hacking his car up soooo much...... but he was supportive and very happy to see it move forward:-)
Thanks to all of you that stopped by and checked out the project!
Hope my slow progress will keep you interested to see the final product, one day!
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1 week ago

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2 weeks ago

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Härligt! 👍😎



Its ALIVE!!!
Finally after just over half a year since I drove the TeZon into the garage to tear it apart and fix the front end, i installed the battery and drove it out...... Ok, there is LOTS of work to do still to get all the systems to function properly, ie. adjust air suspension, get it to charge, power steering......blah blah etc.
But main thing is, it drives when i put it into Drive and goes backwards when i put it in reverse........and what blast with no traction control, 4 wheel burn outs:-)))) 525 hp is pretty fun.
Next I have actually (just for fun) i put on the front fenders and the front.......yeah as i say its just for show and to give people an idea of all the work ahead to fit the Amazon over the Tesla. The fenders or the front are NOT in the correct place, they are simply just thrown on to get an idea.......I think its funny:-)
PLUS a bonus, today i started the steal work. I got to hack up the front end........well ok, what will be the front end of the TeZon. It was a whole 2 door coupe amazon yeah, I did feel a bit bad........Naaaahhhhh it was rusty and i took only the usable parts, was kind of fun.
What else to say really, except that the car is ready for Sveg’s Mässa!
Lastly, Stay tuned to the feed, as tomorrow i have some fun news, I will be launching my new website for the TeZon!!
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2 weeks ago

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Yes of course, i am only leaving the upper frame on for now, but it will all be replaced with the Amazon and custom aluminum reinforcements, the car will very much be the body of the Amazon

It must be a custom windshield due to the widening, but otherwise very stock “looking amazon combi”, it should look close to the artwork, as Andreas drew it up with the new proportions

Very nice! Will you also remove the roof and thus front windshield from the Tesla and use it from the Volvo? Think that will make a big difference in making it look like a 220 and not a Tesla.

Härligt! 👍🍾


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As always, its tricky doing enough updates..... right now i am waaayyy behind updating all the work I have done. Here we go..... THANK YOUUUUUU to “Grønvolds and all the boys at Grønvolds for the fantastic help. One week ago i went to Norway to get a few more bits and pieces.....well, i brought back a full Transporter Van full of parts for the project!
I got a set of 19” wheels, yes i hope to make custom ones one day but I will need winter wheels as well, also the most exciting to me is a Full black leather interior with a really Sweet set of comfy front seat, they are almost the new set generation seat and they are just amazing to sit in...... Anna Carin would love to put them in our Tesla:-)
Interestingly enough i boroughs also 4 doors! Doors you ask?? Why? Well, I will go back into history a little on the project. Originally when i received the car, i got everything to work, I mean even the Autopilot was working actually. Then, once i took a year off the project to learn about Electric cars/ Teslas, and i fixed our Red car then i used a lot of the parts of the TeZon project to get that one working. Since then, i last year put the TeZon back on its wheels......and yes, it drives forward and back, but there is a lot of function that is missing, LIKE......most importantly its not charging, power steering is not working, ABS is not working, traction control etc. So, now that the car is fixed properly, i have to actually connect all the modules (for example the doors have rear view mirrors on them that have a lot fo the radio/GPS antennas in them). Basically i need to return the car back into the shape it was with all the modules connected back up and get all the parts working.......
Only then, i can take Off parts, or disconnect, do a quick test if the car is still working. If Not, then i will take those electronic modules out of the door, wrap them up and put them in a box inside the car. So i need to go forward like this to “return” all of the cars functions back, so the dashboard doesn’t look like a Christmas tree.
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3 weeks ago


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