A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Tesla Model S 100D + Volvo Amazon Combi = TeZon

MARRIAGE Complete!!!!


What we have been working very hard towards finally is here. TWO had become ONE

Its been a very long road so far and yes still very long to go, but a huge step finally is done, and dam, it feels soooo good:-) Last few days have been very long 13hr+ days and for Both Peter and I so with out further a-due, here are some pics of the last build, prep and Marriage.
BUT First a HHUUUUUGGGEEEEE THANKS to the People / companies that have helped me get this far.
First and foremost, Peter Hammarberg!!!! Simply put, you ROCK!!!
Thanks Martin and the whole Team at For providing Peter with his time and your teams support to get us this far, simply, could not have done this with out you.

Thanks to Tom Grønvold at and the whole team there for providing your very generous support in parts for the Tesla side, I also just could not afford to do this with out you.

Magnus Proos and Christer at in Sveg for always coming out and providing there service, support and time to my silly projects, tonight it was awesome how smooth it went!

JN Solar for supporting me personally with a great Job to just help out in being super flexible etc.

Peter Hammarberg Sr. Well for simply being a great Mentor and support.

AAANNDDD many others that have supported me this far in believing i can do this. Tonight i was touched by being truly able to see this project make it this far.

Hope anybody reading this gets Joy out of following and seeing how this Project is coming to Life.
Lots more to come, and a video on this soon to follow,
Enjoy the pics.
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3 days ago

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Thats amazing! We are passing through next thursday/friday. Would love to come by for a quick visit.

Grymt bra jobbat!

A Pillars, B Pillars and re building/ building a rear bumper!!!!

SOOOO close to be ready for Marriage, ha haa
Ok so in the past few work days we have filled in most of the welds on all the plates we put in and spent over a day just fitting the Steel to the B pillars. This actually turned out almost better than i hoped because it attaches so well to the Amazon and fits the door frames great.
Peter H. does such an increadible job with Tig welder on the Aluminum, feels like he can join anything together, im super impressed. The A Pillar caps turned out great and we re built the rear frame sections of the Tesla to be able to Bolt the Bumper attachments of the Amazon right to it. Check out all the pics.
Last thing left is to finish the rear bumper area both on the Tesla and a steel section on the Amazon (so that we have a bombproof area for the Tow hook attachment).
And then just finish filling in the welding, grinding and ground painting all the attachment spots.............Hopefully by the end of this week we can shoot a video of all this coming together.
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5 days ago

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Maybe in eCarexpo this spring in Copenhagen?

So cool. Waiting to se the car live

What about eCarExpo Sthlm, will you show it there ?

Today was a huge day, but now I’m totally wiped:-) it was like a puzzle day, welded and built many small pieces, but in the end we manage to totally finish up the A pillars on the Amazon and the Tesla. It feels awesome to get this far this fast..... nice to work and focus all week in one thing:-)
Now only the B pillars remain,
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1 week ago

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Looking good TZ, the vision is coming to life! Keep on grinding;)

So so cool!

Fredrik Laakso

Cutting and Welding.........

Not much to say except that the work has gone great. I have a week off work (thanks Johan) and i have been able to focus on the project......(except for a quick flight into Røros Norway for a Green flyways meeting......and thats another story.
Ok we have been able to actually do the rear end of the frame, both connection plates on the main frame rails and figure out the fenders:-)
Then today we finished the A Pillar main plates that now can bolt right onto the Tesla where the door hinges bolted onto before and lastly put in the dashboard plate in place.
I hope tomorrow we can finish all the A Pillar conection (little plates) and then last is the B Pillars...... Then its scary as we will soon be ready for the Marriage!
Wow, this will be crazy but Maaayybe this weekend we could even do it (marrying the Amazon to the Tesla with Glue, bolts rivets and welds.....will let you know.
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2 weeks ago


Yahooooo finally the Amazon is down and completed the full touch down along the whole Tesla! Two weeks of carefully, aaaannd Not so careful cutting to get every piece to finally sit in its proper place:-0.
Now you can see what it the body will roughly look like, minus the front sitting on a Tesla.
BIG work coming up!! Now the welding and real fitting starts up again. We have to add all the plates so that the body will seal all the way around to the Tesla (creat all the contact points so it can be welded, riveted, bolted and glued, same methods as Tesla uses).
WE must trim the windshield area up and add a bottom plate that will attach to the Tesla firewall arch. A Pilar bolt section, plates on both B pillars so they can be eventually welded together, and then the rear frame section (will expand on this in the future posts).
Enjoy the pictures. Hopefully next week we will do a full week of work so should see some interesting fab work:-)
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3 weeks ago

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Joining the B pilars is going to be interesting, i put a plate on the Tesla B Pilar 2mm thick and then I have actually fitted the amazon B pillars to be fitted or touching all the way down. Then we simply weld them together as its the only steel on the Tesla Model S is the B pillars........and No or yes the Tesla one is very Diagonal and the Amazon one is vertical. And that is how they will stay, just The Amazon door will close against the Tesla Pilar, Juuuuust nice and tight

How are you going to join the two b-pillars together? Seems to be quite a lot of space between them...

Great work! 👍 👍 👍 🙏

I love it 🚗🙏🏻

Well Done

Grymt jobbat!!!

Härligt! 👍

Shit, coolt !



Per Samuelsson

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Grindin grindin, and slowly getting lower and lower. It’s been one full week of grinding...... yeah on the car:-) I had my good freind Jens Nordbakk come by and help me out for two solid days of cutting. We’ve had to cut from front to back, the whole dash area, A pillars on the Amazon, B pillars both in Tesla and Amazon and we and then a lot of work to fit the wheel arches and the whole back of the car. It’s incredible how many times we need to go up and down with the winches to get all sections to fit perfectly together with out taking too much anywhere.
Now we are finally down to the last 3-4cm and then two will be one:-)
Then the fabrication will begin to weld in all the plates and attachment points.
But finally the shape of the car is starting to show and yup, it’s as cool as I was hoping for.
It all fits great and will be super nice with a wide body kit type look.
Hopefully on the next post it will be a full touchdown:-)
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3 weeks ago

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Looks very Nice. See you sommer 2020 at OrustMotorshow 😁😁

Nice to see some wheels underneath the body Tom 🙂 This will be a seriously cool hotrod in the near future 🙂

Will follow with great interest ⚡

Looks nice 👌🏼👌🏼

This is so epic!

Markus Nilsson följ detta om du inte gör de, coolt! 😃😎


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