A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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It took me 12 seperate sessions to build the front right fender and i timelapsed them all, then i put the timelapse on 20x speed and here is the result.............for me its fun to watch but for you? well lets see what you guys think ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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I thougt that a "time-lapse should be quick but thats just your ordinary speed...! 😉 #duracellkanin

If you watch the video till near the end and you have your sound turned on there is a little surprise, sooo funny

Perfektion does not happen quickly 🙂👍

Så cool!

Right fender and attachment rails DONE

Yup, not much to say except dam, still frustrated that each fender is taking so long! Basically one month each. Next post will just be a time lapse of doing the attachment rails for the Fenders and the right fender.........i have to stitch 12 separate sessions together to make this timelapse, I guess i am just slow.
But this fender was a bit of a pain, it just took so much work to get it right, i had to keep welding, cutting and adjusting, you would think i learned on the first one?
Anyway, it was suuuuuper exciting to put the hood on and finally really see what it will look like, and yes hood is actually next to do so NO its not ready or fitted.
Here are some of the pics building the right fender and next post will just be a long time lapse.
Take care
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1 week ago

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thanks for the encouragement, i sure am frustrated at how long this is taking...........but this project is teaching me patience

Keep it up. By spring this beauty will roll down the road.

😎 cool ⚡️🕺🏼 keep up with this Project hope to se it finished next summer 👊🏽🕺🏼

Hope to get a ride in this to enjoy your hard work !

Exciting to follow your work, amazing 😍

Amazing work you do🙏👍

Tålamod Tom 😍det blir jättebra 👌

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Here they are:-)))
The lights are finished and on there way. Tom at HIDprojectors did a small Instagram video on how they are built and how they work:-) also u can see the inside shrouds before they were fused into the lights. They are custom painted to match the exterior....... attachmentImage attachment

Here they are:-)))
The lights are finished and on there way. Tom at HIDprojectors did a small Instagram video on how they are built and how they work:-) also u can see the inside shrouds before they were fused into the lights. They are custom painted to match the exterior.......
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2 weeks ago

M2P2 Engineering!

Back in February when i was at the Ecar Expo in Stockholm with the TeZon I was there also Representing Pure-Flight, the small airplane company that i am helping out with and the plane that I own/fly:-)
But Petr Mareček, the main guy behind all the Engineering with With Pure-Flight and many other projects really got to like the TeZon project. Well one thing led to another and he offered to help me out. Below is the first taste of what we have been working on for actually quite a long time and i am Uber excited to finally share this with you.
What these arches are, is a replacement for what i had to cut away from the original Tesla. Especially the C pillar arch, this one holds the top of the shock mounts from flexing way. Both arches will be double 45mm diameter aluminum tubing cross braced at 45degree angles. The B Pilar Arch is a bit over kill as the original Tesla one is very wimpy, but i thought to match the rear style it will be really nice to do a double arch.
Oh and i dont know if i ever mentioned this but by cutting out the Tesla rear Arch and building this one that will follow the Kombi roofline, we will Gain 23cm of headspace in the rear, sweeeet.
Thank you Petr and M2P2 Engineering!!!!
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3 weeks ago

Ready for Glass!
I had some extended weekend holidays so I’ve actually had a chance to really knock these window templates out. Since I learned how to build this template by doing the front window, then the rear one went way faster. Also I didn’t have to crawl in and out of the car to weld it up....., so here they are both windows ready for delivery. On Friday I will go down to Stockholm and meet up with Mikael and pass then templates over for the Fins to pick up on Monday....... starting to feel exciting to get all these part done and set.
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3 weeks ago

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Yes, they will be glued, a far superior method, and i have some very interesting details designed to make it look nice

Are you going to glue them or are they supposed to fit with a rubber seal like the original?

He told me he will glue them better and modern

Här har man lärt sig något nytt, trevligt !

Front Windshield!!
I had to take a time out from getting the front done (unfortunately) and hustle a bit to prepare the front and rear windhsield templates.
Once again I have a new supporter.....Mikael from !! Thanks for getting stoked about the project and offering to give a great deal:-)))!
This was actually the huge delema I had waaayyy back when when I decided to cut up the Amazon and fit it Over the Tesla, my biggest hurdle actually was can I make a custom windshield? And thankfully YES! It is through Mikael at Veterania that this became possible, he has made many custom windshield going all the way to places like “Leno’s Garage” for example. So they know what they are doing.
What I have to do is creat a metal template that will be exactly like the glass windshield and rear glass. Then, I have to reinforce it from behind......I will back up. First I cut out some Cardboard to get to fit in the place of the windshield, then I transferred that and put it on a 2mm sheet of metal. Once that was fitted i tack it in the exact place and curve I want it on the car. Now I am finishing the reinforcements from the rear side so that when i pop it will hold its shape perfectly. Then off to Vetarania it will go and they will send it to Finland where they actually mold the new glass. (Veterania works with this finish company to make all custom and old glass for all cars). When they make the new windshield they can even make it with Antenas, heating wires, coloured etc...... well what ever is needed actually:-)
It is easiest if I deliver it in person so by Nov 16th is the next pick up from Norrköping going to Finland. This will enable them to have the glass done and delivered by end of January, yahooo
Below you will see I am almost done the front one...... and the rear one should be easier:-)
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4 weeks ago

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Nice work!

So Nice! 🚀🚗☀️🙌



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