A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Arches Arches
This is the third time trying to get this video up:-( aaarrgghhhh
Just a show I put together where I explain how and why I am doing the rear wheel arches the way I am. It’s much easier to explain than describe in writing.
Also I am answering a question I got from one of u guys about “why don’t I cut the Tesla inner arches off and just do my own lines?”
The answer is that I want to use the inside wheel protection from Tesla and simply all the Tesla parts so it’s easi for me to get another part of and when it wears out or breaks. Als the plastic/ felt adds really nice dampening.
Ok hope this finally works.
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4 days ago

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Looks like a lot of intricate work there!

Snyggt, nu kommer de intressanta delarna !

Wheel Arches..... the beginning!
Now that the front fenders are finished off even in the front of the kicker panels and stabilized, I was able to finally start the arches around the wheels.
My goal is to make them the least “stupid” looking as possible, but the original Tesla Innards do stick out a fair bit so they will have to be pretty aggressive looking anyway.
First I had to rivet and glue steel plates to the inside of the rear wheel housing, then I was able to finish of the front corner of the wheel house where it attaches to the running board. The running board itself I also had to finish off or Tie up as well. Between the aluminum battery box and the Amazon steel I fitted an 15mm by 15mm square pipe. This strengthened the whole section up and gave me a fair bit to build off in the corners where the wheel arches start.
Once this was set then I could curve around the metal and tie the front of the wheel arch together. The back part was interesting as well to get the right look! I also made It so it will look nice with or with out an rubber “mud” flap:-) yes I will be putting some funky mud flaps on.....ha haaa
Now that the inside is done I think I will first do the other side (the right or passenger side) and then finally move into the outside section of the wide body arches.
Ok take care and see u in the next post:-)
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2 weeks ago

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Good work! All the small details take a lot of time.

Many Bits N Pieces!

This last week i have been just finishing up many peices. First i popped off the hood and proceeded to finish it from the underside, lots of work to straighten it up (hammer it out) from all the welding, and strengthen it all up. It went well, and now i have to do the hinges and attachment points for the hinges on the car.
Next I also finished the front sides where the front fender/wings will attach to. Also the rails that the fenders attach to i had to fill in and then put in the threaded rivets....... yeah tons of small detail jobs. (And also removed teh fender reinforcements and hammered them out too) Look at all the pics below to show you all of the peices.
Lastly we (Janne Broberg) came over and helped me with starting the rear wide arches. Fist we had to copy them onto paper so that we could cut them out of Metal, then we attached they steel strips to the inside of the original wheel wells by riveting and glue again. This also turned out very well, and so now we will continue on with the rear to finish off these fender flairs or wide body kit.
Alright, workin workin so slowly but surely its finally getting there.
Enjoy the pics.
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2 weeks ago

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... and please no red leather interior...! That would be too daggy but your choice anyway;-))

Love your project but have my doubts about this headlights in my opinion they are looking ... lets say „strange“ but let‘s wait until finish...;-)

To je ve Švédku taková zimní móda s tím plnovousem? 👍

The hood and a little show of the whole car of where its at now!
Have a great celebration and we will see you all in the new year.
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3 weeks ago

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Wow, awesome progress!! What an achievement. Happy new year.

Looking awesome 👍 hope i have time to swing by next week. Happy new year

Looks great!

Nice sweater 🤟🏻 Happy new year TZ 🍾💥

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Happy New Year Y’allll, ha haaaa

Here it is, hood is done (the outer shell). It felt like this was a mile of welding, its just such a large area to fill in all the welds........and then a crazy amount of grinding to get it all ground out and done. My son Liam was very keen to help me out so he started to grind as well, that was fun.
I also shot a little video so you can see the update on how far the car has come along (and how i did the hood) but since I cant put it in one post i will put it in the next one by itself. One thing i said wrong in the video is that its all done.....and its not! Now i have to separate it from the car (i welded the edges with 5mm spacers so that when i weld it all it doesn’t twist and bend out of shape!) Once its speparated then i have to knock it out with the hammer to take all the tension out of the hood that was created with the welding heat. This will take any of the warps out of the metal that you can see in the reflections.
Then of course i have to reinforce it from behind and add in the hinges in the underside.
Next week i have one more week off so Peter Hammarberg Jr. and Sr. And some other freinds will come in and help for a few days, so i really hope to get another good chunk done.........the big thing i have left is the wide body kit/arches on all 4 corners.

The TeZon and all the Zidek’s wish you a great new year with much health and luck in the new year!
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3 weeks ago

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Otroligt arbete!! Följer med spänning från tidigt stadium. Lika imponerande varje uppdatering du gör! Gott nytt Tezlon år!

Gott nytt år


Getting exciting:-)
I have time to work on the car over the holidays and it’s just sooooo nice. This part I just finished I have been wondering about ( on how the hell am I going to build this so it works and looks good!) during the whole build! And here it is, the rear of the hood done, I must say I am quite proud of this, it turned out almost better than I expected. But wow, sure dam complicated, interesting two pieces I made/ cut/ modified and now only to fill in a simple piece in the middle and two little triangles.That I can finish up tomorrow, and all the filling of welds and grinding. Then i have to make the hinges for the hood, that will be interesting as I have to make the attachment points both on the hood and the car!
Now, the exterior view of the car is nearing completion finally, meaning the outer visual skin is almost fabricated....... minus the fenders and wheel aches ....... and a ton of details.
Here are pics of how I built it:-)
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3 weeks ago

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It looks really gooooooooood.

Have a ETA on when it will be on the roads?

Looking great man 👌

That will be one amazingly good looking car 😍

The car looks awesome! 🤩

So Nice!

Well done!


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