A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Texcite, Tesla Parts Poland !!

Finally, last two weeks i was away on a road trip down to Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech and Poland. It was firstly to go to E flyer Expo in Switzerland (with Purelflight the electric Plane i am helping with).
And on the way back i got to meet up with Marcin Garstecki and Tomek Mikitiuk the head guys who run Texcite! Awesome guys that have helped me to get the Red Tesla (our family car) up and running.
Now over the last few months they have had the TeZon’s MCU (the main computer) so they could re program it. Basically to get control of the cars systems Tomek (the man behind all the software work) had to go in and undo all the work that was done with the car in the US when I bought it. This involved unsodering the main memory chip off of the motherboard and sodering on a new one. Then he was able to instal his program into the system. Now, i have to hook up all of the control boxes.......basically put all the hardware back on the car, like doors, radar, cameras, ceiling wiring harness.....well hook up everything. Then I will bring the car back to life and connect it to Wifi, and Tomek can then get access to the car and start to up date all the software and re sync everything in the car. This will allow us to change the car from single phase North American system to the Three phase European system. Then since the software is so old now (almost 4 years old) he will over the air re run the updates about 4 to 5 times to get it to the latest software!!!
BUT, i will do all this AFTER i build up the front end of the car...........Why??
Because i am so close for it to look complete that of course once the car is up and running i will want to drive it, aaaaand i think the first videos will look a lot better with the front end done:-)
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5 days ago

Rust in Rear 🙂

AAALLLLL rigthy. The rear end took a lot of work, (mostly due to rust) but she is all, fixed and done. I am really stoked at how increasingly well this car keeps going together. What i did in the back now is to join the Tesla to the Amazon so that the whole trunk is sealed up now. I call this “creek proof” for when you wade in deap water off road through creeks (yes i plan on using the car) then no water can come in.
Before i was able to join everything i had to first fix the rust and second also prep the interior. Actually, just click on the pictures below and i will write below each picture of what i had to do and why.
I think i will do a short video explaining this, but that will be in the upcoming days.
For now i am EXTREMELY PUMPED, because me finishing the back means i can Finally move to the front and start on it......yahoooooo
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3 weeks ago

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Looks amazing! Good work

Lookin' good, it's gonna be smokin' hot 👌

Good work you do Tom👍

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Rear Gates Done 🙂

Finally, all the pieces i seem to do on this car take me longer than i it is to get it done well I guess.
Again i had a bunch of rust to fix so I cut out as lot of metal a re built it all new. I also improved the car and strengthened the the top lid up a bit where the rear handel is attched. When you look really closely at all i do, well its Not perfect, but i think the lines are nice and with a bit of filler and body work we should get it great..............and i am loving for now to just seal the raw ground metal under a little bit of clear coat, kind of fun.

Also., a Big Thanks goes out to Alexander Woxlin from in sveg. Alex has been awesome at helping out with prepping some design work.......even though so far is been mostly on the airplane, but now we are also starting to play with the TeZon a bit. Check out the wheel logos.
Next i am sealing up the under back side of the trunk, and again fixing the rust there.........and then Finally once that is complete i can move to the front of the car.
Yaaahhhoooooo so it goes, i am almost ready for some fun interesting looking work.
Ok, take care all.

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1 month ago

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Keep up the good work! 🙂

Excellent 🚗☀️🙌

Beautiful model with your car!

Short vid of bottom section of the gate after I finished it.
My 12 year old son Liam did the filming but accidentally cut off the last few seconds..... well I didn’t have so much to say anywho:-)
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2 months ago

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Yo Tom - invite Andy Reed, he’s wondering what you’re up To lately

Great work!

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Rippin along, Top trunk Lid:-)

Today I worked on the top half of the trunk. After taking the window out and cleaning it up, the frame itself was really light:-) then the two pieces I got from another Amazon (one top one Bottom piece) I had to grind down and clean up to bare steel. Yeah it’s quite rusty. But once cleaned up it won’t be too bad to fix actually. The Handel area of the lid I had to really measure carefully so I get everything perfectly centred. The prep work took quite a few hours........ and then with in five min I had many pieces:-)
After that I actually bolted the hinges on and then welded each side on to the body so that all the panel gaps would be perfect.... and so when I weld the center pieces it won’t twist with the heat from welding it. So when I am done, the gate should align absolutely perfect.
Then I fitted the center pieces and filled in the welds. Now, before I release the welds ( that are holding the lid to the body) I will fix two section of rust, right by the handles so it will be nice and strong again. And then “voila” all done:-)
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2 months ago

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Smart way to get the panel gaps perfekt 🙂👍 Really looking forward to see this car with paint on it 🙂

Don’t make it to perfect Tom, remember the Tesla style 👀😝


Loooots of welding and grinding... and a ton of rust fixing. I had to cut out 8 new sections/ pieces to fix up the rust. Richard “Moggy” the owner of Classic Electric Cars in Britain told me that “when converting classic cars to electric try and get a car in good shape to not loose too much time fixing rust. Now I know what he meant, and I am happy this was the worst piece actually.
This piece turned out pretty fun because I got to put one of my favorite details on the car, the license plate holder:-) check out the video to see how it works....... I also did some fun “kids style” artwork with golden duct tape and permanent marker. But, what was fun was to just grind out the license plate holder and clear coat it “industrial style”. Lastly I had to re cut the joint on one of the sides where I welded the red part to the white because the welding made it sink too much and that would require a lot of body filler, so I cut it up and lifted it all out:-) feweee
Ok enjoy the pics, next post is just a video my son shot of me showing the back.
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2 months ago


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