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A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Hey hey all!
Yup, another long pause.....but finally two full days of work done. Lets dive in.
In the last two days we welded up the rest of the cross members for the roof and the upper and lower windshield. Plus we finished up the roof plates as well, so basically the car is put back together in its full 27cm wider from:-)
This is actually a lot trickier than it may sound and look from the pictures because of how large an area the roof is and the thickness of the roof is just 1mm. What we have left to do on the roof is to actually to straighten all the plates so that there are no indentations...... basically when we fill in all the welds we have to be very careful that the roof stays perfectly straight with an nice even arc across the whole car.
The next challenge we face was getting the lower section of the windshield to have a perfectly even curve.......yes, when you cut a car (an arch) in half and pull it apart, then add another mid section in you end up with 3 curves together. So as you will see in the next pictures we basically have to take the whole bottom section of the windshield rim apart and build it new. I am happy to say that we have figured out the best way for us to do that and its looking really good. Still have a fair bit of welding and cutting work on the lower front sections but the car is looking straight even and well, how it should:-)
We have about 1-2 days of tidying up the back and front windsheild area of the Amazon and we will be ready to prepare the Tesla’s rear shocks..........ok first i have to take the battery out and the whole interior, but this is quite simple and quick.
Also today the rear shocks went into the shop to be adjusted and prepared for the new lowered shock towers.
Alright, please excuse me for taking soooo long on getting all this work done, but its just been really tough to find time with my full time job, and family:-))) excuses excuses hey, ha haaa
Once the snow starts to fall heavy then i have already planned out some weeks off of work to get some full weeks in a row to hammer on the project..........just cant wait for that to happen.
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2 months ago

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Keep up the good work. Christmas is coming! 🙂

Looking good 👌🏼

Andreas Kinander det är denna jag snackade om på jobbet 👌

The splitting.......... The Joining

This post i should of written about a week ago, but so is life. The day we posted the video you saw in timelaps the splitting of the amazon. That was fun, and tricky. But, mainly it was surprising just how much 27cm wider actually is once you pull the car apart, I mean WOW. Its a shit ton, ha haaaaa. Now the car looks like we crazy hot rodded it and chopped the roof down, but nah, just widened it.
Directly after the widening we had to stabilize all the sections so that the car would be perfectly 27.00cm apart, top to bottom, front to back. And also stabilize all the roof sections so when we weld in the new bits (Cross beams, back, top and front frame sections with a new windshield line) the sheet metal wont twist become wavy. All will be in the pictures bellow.
Once the car was all stabilized the we started in the back by re building all the frame box type sections and then finally crimped the edges of the roof halves and started to lay the new roof strip in. There is a bit more to do on the back......actually need to fix up some rust as well and then we can move on to the front windshield sections. We actually started by rebuilding the roof cross beams and then started to go back to front.
We now have about two days of fitting and re building left on the main Amazon body to finish up, and then it will be time to prep the Tesla so we can start to slowly drop and fit the two bodies/ cars together.............the marriage:-)
I do apologize ahead of time, but i have some more stuff coming up in the next few weeks so progress will be slow and seldom. Yeah, its the way life seems to roll.
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2 months ago

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Such an exciting build! Keep it up guys!

Video image

New video:-)
Here is some of the work we did last week! I actually think that was the best week I had on the whole project yet! Plus Morgan Grip was over and did some filming! I love his work, I think he does an excellent job getting great material and editing it so well........ thanx Morgan:-)
Here it is!
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3 months ago

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Thanks Tom, i'm looking forward to the next time 😀

Ahh. So nice with a video of the project 👍👍👍

Ripping Along
Sweeeet day in the bag! Today we tackled the “Rear section B pillars”. Yes, this was almost more work than joining the whole front end on straight just due to the sheer amount of cutting and fitting.....basically we made 2 B pillars fit into one. For anyone that is not sure of what the Hell i am going on about. A Pilar is basically what holds the front doors on just in front of the driver below the windshield, B pillar is what holds the rear doors on or is the post/ Pillar that is right behind the driver, and C pillar is behind the passenger.
Anyway after much cutting and measuring we were able to move the rear section of the B pillar forward 9cm...........yes i was hoping for a few more but in the end it looks really good and all the measurements are very ballanced between the front and rear doors. It was a huge day of work, crazy amount of cutting and even more welding filling in all the welds, Yes, the TeZon is totally looking like a Frankenstein Mobile right now, its sweet raw metal.
Tomorrow............oh the part i have been dreaming about for some time, its surgery time, going to cut the car down the center and split it in half length ways, to add the 26cm widening, yaaaahooooooooo
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3 months ago

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Wow... just.. wow!!!

Ser riktigt bra ut!!


Life Happens.......
I am sorry to anyone trying to follow this build along, it must be like watching a Forrest grow:-)
I have had some crazy turns in my life just now but its all good, and the Project is actually amazing. This week is the first time we are working on the car in a month, and we get full 5 days in a row!!! Sooo much fun.
So I am very pleased to report that we have “Marriage”.........yeah sort of. The front and the back are now completely together and i know it may sound odd but also they are perfectly straight down to a millimetre.......i think I’m the most proud of that small achievement (front back, side to side and cross measurements).
Before we were able to join the car together we had to actually cut out the B pillars from the back half.......because we will be moving them forward almost 12cm, which means the back doors will be stretched out to match the front doors etc. So we first built a subframe in the back, then took out the B pillars and then we were able to start to cut and trim the front and the back halves until we got to the correct dimensions...........Top, bottom and both sides, with having the front roof sheet under lap the back roof plate. Yeah in this case you will really have to check out the pictures. Once we had the the four corners (top left and right bottom L and R) joined then we were able to go and join the rest up properly.
Its been amazing to work with Peter H, truly a very talented guy, Thanks very much AJ Industry for letting me work with Peter through u guys.
Tomorrow we will add the (rear) B pillars back into the car and then start to prep the car for widening.........cutting down the middle of the car and splitting apart!!!
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3 months ago

Cutting Measuring........more Measuring!

There were some interesting bits i have tried lately.....for example, i have finally taken off all the doors and confirmed that once removed they simply disappear off the computer and in the car, the doors look closed........more important, the car still charges, goes in and out of park, drives and basically all still works as with the doors installed!! Yes so now i can just pull out what ever electronics i want to use (like speakers and other details) out of the doors but i dont need to take all the modules out of each door.......

Next we have trimmed up the front end of the Amazon and put it on the side plates...... and started to measure.
It took three people and a lot of confirmation of how to proceed but we finally came up with our starting points that we needed to take all our measurements from so that both doors end up in the right place! The windshield is correct, both wheels end up centred and the car is enlarged proportionately instead of stretched in one place. Hopefully next we will finally cut up the B pillars and set the correct length.......and weld it all up.
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4 months ago

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Impressive work! 😁 I have to come down and have a look some day. 😎

You are amazing

Or amazingazing the Amazon

Så jäkla grymt bygge detta är!


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