A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Hhhmmmm starting to look like a car? Maybe 🤔
In this episode I modified and installed all that I needed to have a tow hook on the car….. the tow hook bar still needs to have two plates added, but I get AJ Industrie to do that as they have the powerful welders that can weld 10mm steel plates. Aaaand yes the whole point t is that I can literally hang the TeZon up just on the two hook :-))
After I finished that I had to do the trim above the tow bar and below the gate. This was relatively simple yet hard to keep nice and straight. Also there were many details I had to finish up around the rear, but all went quite well.
I also ground out the windshield area so I can soon test fit all the new glass. And then the fun time to put it all together to start test fitting everything…………
I am mostly happy, But both the front wheel arches on the fenders I still have some serious adjusting to do to get the line perfect, I was a bit disappointed actually at how off looking they were with the wheels in but luckily it’s not catastrophic or Uber difficult fixes.
I am super happy with the overall project look and stance though! I really feel like I am getting close to the first drive….. but still need to make these adjustments and install the charge port which I finally completed the design, now it’s just to build it:-)
Take care and enjoy the pics.
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1 month ago

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Amaz(!)ing work! How ever, I’m not a fan of the headlights. But with paintwork done, maybe they’ll fit!

Going over the front end on how I built it up under the bumper, and then what it finally looks like put together. I filmed this at 1 am, so sorry if I sound so silly tired but it shows a lot of the front of the car. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Thanx, yeah it’s been pretty tough and I still have more to go to get all the lines sorted out, both front wheel lines on the widened arches need adjusting to get perfect…… I’ll get there:-)

Wicked work! In the good sence. Will be awesome.

Will be amazing 🤩

Super práce Tome!👍😉

Front End is DONE……ish:-)
Yeah so at 1am this morning, I finally put the front end together. NOW, let’s be very clear there are many more details to build on the front end and a lot of the car (ie. greill, diffuser, intergrated fog lights, paint work etc.)!! But the main sheet metal work is done, yupppeeee
In this post I finish the lower section of both wide body fenders and wrap around the front of the radiators. So except for the diffuser that will be attached to the bottom of the bumper, I can finally move onto the back.
I am trying to get the car done enough that I can finally pop put the wheels on and test drive it, this is coming soon!
Truly what I have left now is to hang up the tow bar in the back, and do the charger port. Then it’s clean the car up, set the wheels on, and finally put all the software back i……and update it all.🙂
Then finally, TEST DRIVE!!!
Lastly I also posted a bit of a video showing all the work done in the front:-)
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1 month ago

So much to say, so little time!
Yeah so I have been working on the project!! Quite a lot, but not one thing is done completely Yet!! So I figure since it’s been a month I better update u all a little.
Where to start.
1. Doors, Both front doors have been fixed and in the end only one needed re skinning, Thanks Peter Hammarberg for helping with that greatly.
2. The front wide wheel arches are edging closer! Almost there actually, both the side skirts on the car are done and matched to both wide wheel arches!
Both the side skirts and arches were very tricky sheet metal work but that’s what made it quite fun as well, I am really happy with the result there.
3. The rear tow hook system from the Model X I picked up from Poland last year is now modified and prepared for mounting, (this is also a very short job left to complete actually)
Thanx for Peter Hammarberg (Jr.) for getting the big welder out and prepping that up on this super thin kitchen steel at AJ’s in Sveg!
4. Lastly to do all the above I had to totally take the front end apart and out it back together so it feels great to have done that and start to prep the panel gaps for painting body work prep!
5. Lastly I have also received the front and rear windows for the car!!
Thanks a ton to Mikael a Veterania for setting us up with the glass.
Aaand of course also a Huge thanx to Magnus Proos and Mobergs glass in Sveg, we will be doing a separate post to check test fit both front and rear glass sometime within the upcoming weeks.

I believe that is about it for now, so u see, yes there has been a fair bit of progress but kind of scattered so hope u can understand how it’s been tough to post anything too interesting.
Now I am really close to finally putting it on its wheels, update all the software and Finally doing the first test drive out of the garage since the Amazon and Tesla became One:-))))

All I have left to do before that happens is the front of the wide wheel arches, the tow hook mount and the charge port!
Yupppeee, let’s giverrrr.
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2 months ago

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Good work Tom 👍

Really looking forward to see it finished 👍 Great work so far!

Great job! Ready by midsummer? 🙏🏻🚗😉

Looking good! I gotta come for a ride!


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Edging closer!

Over the weekend I was able to get a bit of work done, feels really good to get the left wider fender to the same state as the right one. The whole upper section is done and ready. Now it’s just to finish the bottom back half and tie it into the sideskirt, and of course tie it to the front bumper radiator area....... this will take some creative metal work, I think 🤔.
But, here is the work I did on the front left side.
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3 months ago

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Looks like a robo car! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Amazing

Love the headlights 🌞🙌

Welding level master 😂 i like it so much Tom! Cant wait to make software in it!!!!

Jäklar vad snyggt det blir! 👌


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