A body from a classic Volvo Amazon from 1968 on a chassi from a modern Tesla Model S. It’s a mixture of history, present and the future in a unique custom car of it ́s own!


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Doors Doors
Yeah, so the rear doors got stretched pretty fast and very nice, But.... as I said a little fixing/ adjustments to do now. Well that little took me all weekend and I got one door done:-) I had to change the opening line to match the fender line.... that was to cut up the door and the fender and do a crap load of welding. But on the bright side I have definitely become one with my welder even on really thin metal:))
In other TeZon news, this week I should be receiving a extra set of rest gate and top gate set ( then I will be able to take the original one and cut it in half, and add in the 27cm pieces for this new set I found in Blocket:-)
Also, I reeeaaalllyyy hope my Polish Magic Freind S with the software will send back the MCU that they have prepared for the TeZon as it will be suuuuuper. I’ve to reinstall this and start running all the updates to the new Euro hardware I put in so FUNALLY I will be able to Drive n Charge it again!!!
Soon my good peeps, sooon;-))
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2 months ago

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Looking forward to see the result 👊🏽👍🏽⚡️

Keep up the good work!

Look’n good!

Doors Pics
For some reason facebook doesn’t like to do videos and pics together.
Here are a few pics of the last few days of work on the doors. Tomorrow will be all about filling in all the welds and adjustments to the doors for a perfect fit. Also filling in welds for the fenders.
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3 months ago

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Åter igen snyggt !

Storm Outside, cozy inside

Metal work around the rear doors and fenders is now ready. Just to fill in and grind. I had my kids come out and do a little artwork to make all the templates of these pieces so its been a fun Easter project. I wasn’t sure how it will go to but in the end its been pretty smooth and i am happy with the outcome. Other thing that is exciting is when i put the electronics into the doors (one day once the metal work is done then i will make the windows and locks electric so put all the Tesla stuff in with the retractable handles). But anyway we are now ready to lengthen the rear doors and we figured out that we can switch the electronics for the rear doors out of the Tesla and move them into the doors.......yeah unless you have taken this car apart its a bit tricky to explain. But anyway once i get to this i think it will become pretty clear.
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3 months ago

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I really hope the MCU comes back soon, then we can hopefully see it driving with in 3 to 4 weeks.........if all goes well.......yeah lots more to do even once it drives but its getting closer

Nice to see the progress!

Keep up the good work, we want to see it on the road soon.

Video image

Yes I have had some great help again from Morgan to put together a really nice video of the Marriage! The work has been slow lately to to everything going on, but it should start to pick up very soon!
Enjoy the show.
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3 months ago

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Back at it:-0
Well, thats enough of a pause i guess...... after the E Car expo and the Electric Phoenix i had to return some serious family time. Feels like i am ready to start working pretty hard on the project apologies for the big pause but, there has bee a bit happening:-)
Getting and prepping for the Rear shock tower arch!!
Almost a month ago I had to do a rush trip over to Grønvolds to go hack off a piece of Tesla Model S! Since i had very little time to do this I jumped into my Little plane and flew from Sveg to Hamar (about 240km 1hr ish by air, and just over 300km in a car and over 4 hrs one way). Tom Grønvold himself came down from Brummundal and picked me up at the airstrip. The part i was after??? Its actually a part i had to cut off in the TeZon ( the C Pillar arch between the rear shock towers so now I needed to get a new Example)
Back Story...... I said i will cut the shock towers down and put on custom suspension to make lower the towers bellow the window line. After a long debate and studying i have decided NOT to do this. Two biggest reasons are that the rear shocks right now are made to fit relatively large volume (of air) shocks, and if i lower them i will have to put much smaller air cushions on. This would make for much less travel adjustability and a worse ride. Second by lowering the shock towers the arch i will build back up to follow up and over just under the roof line would be longer (up and down) making it less stiff. Soooo in the end i left the shocks as they are and i went to get another arch for an example. A awesome CNC company in Czech Engineering has offered to help with the project as well. (More on these guys in another post). The reason i was in a rush to get this part is because Zdenek with the Electric airplane was able to take the part down to Czech skipping on crazy shipping costs and odd parts packing.
Back to the trip. Once i got to Grønvolds Stig (awesome guy and Test driver as well for some TopGear show??? Helped me out to cut out the piece from a Tesla that was JUUUUst about to be crushed and re cycled. Then we packaged the part up in bubble foam (to not bang up my plane) and i Litterally Just made it fit back into the airplane. (Less that a cm room left to get it in). Then i had a great tail wind and made it home in under 1 was a suuuuuper sweet trip.
Thanks AGAIN To Stig and Tom at Grønvolds Bil demontairing for the awesome service and help they keep providing.
Now the part is at the Shop in Czech getting measured and scanned and hopefully i will have some cool pictures for you all that will actually help explain what this was all for.
Take care,

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4 months ago

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Glad your back Tom Good to charge up some famialy time ! I appreciate all the work your doing very inspirational! Cheers bro

Lovely. Family First. Keep up the good work


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