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Who we are

Tom has been playing with cars since before he could drive, but his true experience started when he moved to Sweden and in 2013 bought a crashed Porsche 911 Turbo S and completely renovated it (its still in the family).  In 2016 the family Zideks decided to go Carbon neutral and that is where the magic happened. They installed the first part of their solar system (which now completely runs the shop and house) and started to work on the TeZon (Volvo Amazon + Tesla Model S). At the same time he built the shop and got another crashed Tesla Model S that he fixed up and turned into our family car. 

Already at this point Tom took a trip to Wales to meet up with Richard (aka Moggy) at Electric Classic Cars and the discussions and ideas started to flow about working together in the future. Only due to Toms reluctance to turn his Hobby to a profession it took almost 7 years to materialize but finally in 2022 Tom took the leap and together with Electric classic cars decided to build the “Beasty” Electric Land Rover Defender 130 together for a very interesting customer. 

During the beast build Electric classic cars and Vintage Volts have decided to form a true partnership where Vintage Volts is intergrading all of Electric classic cars knowledge and experience in all their future builds by designing and using their kits. Not only that but also we will be the main reseller for all Electric classic cars kits in Scandinavia and partially Eu.

In between the 7 years Tom not only worked on the TeZon but also got involved in building an Electric airplane (Also getting his pilot license and built his own plane). Another project he build is electrifying an 1955 VW Oval Beetle that is now his daily driver. Last piece of the puzzle was meeting Per Erik Olofsson who really gave him confidence in running a company in Sweden (especially after growing up in Canada). Per Erik has ran his own mechanics work shop and has a well of experience in anything to do with vehicles - together we make an awesome pair!

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